Harbor Telematics’ Crane Data System

Harbor Telematics designs and manfactures the Crane Data System (CDS). CDS is a cloud-based information service specializing in the logistical needs of mobile harbor crane users. CDS is designed to provide relevant information to personnel in a timely fashion.

Crane Data System Process Illustration

The cloud-based nature of the product allows information to be securely transmitted and stored in an offsite data center known as the “cloud” which is separate from the physical crane or port. This allows users to connect to crane data from any on or off-site location. The system interface is accessible securely through any web-browser.

This also opens the opportunity for data to be viewed on multiple device types such as cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers. Proof of this concept is found on the first login; CDS displays a dashboard of crane activity and statistics detailing production and maintenance tasks in real time. The utilization of CDS results in increased profits and decreased costs.