Advanced Production Monitoring

Statistical information such as tons/hour, delay periods, and total tons moved are automatically tracked. These insights provide management with the tools to direct crane resources efficiently and effectively.

Live Production Information

Production Information

The Live View allows operators to monitor production in real time. Variable timing windows, tonnage summaries, and cargo handling rates provided by the program allow easy operations oversight.

Real-Time Operations Status

Operations Status

CDS offers the user expanded information that affects the operations beyond that of production. Knowledge of the operation status of the crane such as switch-plant information, fuel levels, master switch status, operator states, and much more is available via a centralized, easy to use interface.

Nominal Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

CDS’s nominal production feature allows operations to separate the delay times from the production records. When delays are encountered, statistical information allows operators to better understand the operation productivity.

Job Management

Job Management

CDS’s job management features provide users with the ability to automatically assign crane production records from multiple cranes to specific jobs. The operator receives immediate visibility and monitoring capabilities. This allows job progress to be easily assessed and gives unprecedented visibility into operational dynamics.

Job Management

Fuel Levels

CDS prevents your production from stopping unexpectedly because of basic crane needs such. CDS monitors your crane’s fuel levels so you always know where you are for fuel.