System Features

Crane Data System is accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time you want. Whenever your clients need information from you, you are assured to have the most up-to-date information about your entire operation at any time.

Manage Users

Users’ Access Logs
& User Management

Harbor Telematics provides site administrators with a simple and easy to use method for tracking who is using the system, their login timestamps, and frequency of system access. Login failure information and user settings modifications are also provided, giving administrators insight into potential accessibility issues.

Language & Localization

Language & Localization

After an initial launch with the English language, Harbor Telematics is pleased to announce the deployment of extended language support for CDS. Current offerings are in German, Spanish and French with further options available. Extended interface components, such as parts information and electrical diagrams are inclusive within this offering.

Customizable Alarm Notifications

Alarm Notifications

Viewing privileges can be customized to the needs of individual personnel. Each user has the ability to specify which alarms are to be monitored. When a specified alarm or group of alarms is triggered, an email is automatically sent to the user. Notification allows immediate corrective action to be taken. For example, operational personnel monitoring alarms for “100% clogged filters” or “wind speed” can take a crane out of service before serious problems could occur.

View Historical Trends

Ability to View
Historical Trends

Harbor Telematics’ Crane Data System (CDS) stores and keeps all maintenance and production records even when the database is emptied on the crane itself as required on the manufacture’s data system.

See the sample export file as a CSV.